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Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the controversial red top meeter program. that program was designed to preserve 10% of the city's metered spots for people with disabilities. it would have forced them to pay for parking for the first time. the city has spent more than $700,000 on the new meters. but a bill on that program failed to pass the d.c. council last week. d.c.'s department of transportation says it is now working on another way to provide more accessible parking for the disabled. >>> tonight, speed cameras in maryland apare to be making the roads safer. aaa says 365,000 drivers ticketed so far this year, down from half a million drivers in 2011. triple a believes drivers are slowing down because of speed cameras in work zones. crashes, deaths and injuries in work zones are at a ten year low. >>> victory tonight for a 13-year-old girl who set out to hold a major corporation accountable for perpetuating a stereotype. toymaker hasbro will soon sell a gender neutral version of its classic easy bake oven. this comes after the company wet myth an 8th grader from new jersey. she started an online petition earlier this month
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> coming up tonight, a dramatic end to a 10-hour stand off up in new york city. >> plus, big brother or brilliant? tonight, a major service provider wants to track your every move inside your home. we'll tell you why. >> and local leaders with >>> breaking news in northwest d.c. a stabbing that occurred in the 1600 block of rhode island avenue. >> he is conscious, he is breathing. no word of any arrests. >> a dramatic end to a 10-hour stand off in newburg, new york. he was wanted for firing a gun at two men back in september. investigators say when they atechted to arrest him this morning shlgs a suspect pulled a gun and barricaded the man inside his house. >> tracking your every move. verizon has new technology that records you inside your home. the idea? to caterer tv ads to your actions. some think it's creepy and crosses the line. jim rosenfield shows it how it would work. >> government contractor michelle peters watches on demand in southeast. she doesn't like the idea of being watched in her own living room. >> i just want to enjoy my show. i want to fall asleep in front of the
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
and near freezing windchills down to the south of the city. redskins forecast on the road in philadelphia tomorrow. 1:00 game. temperatures low to mid-40s, plenty of sunshine but chilly. and the ravens are at home playing the new york football giants. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. it's a 4:00 kickoff, so 43 at kickoff time and 38 by the time that game is over. no matter which team you're supporting tomorrow, it will be good, dry football weather for both games. the storm continues to move further and further away. good riddance to it. high pressure biwill take its place for tomorrow. it will feel like winter for sure but plenty of sunshine coming our way tomorrow courtesy of that big ridge of high pressure. as it moves away, the cold air is in place. next storm system mostly going to our north and west. here we are at noon on monday. might be a little rain/snow mix, especially to the north and west of town. should be mostly if not entirely a rain event right along i-95 but you folks north and west may have to worry a little about some snow showers coming up on your monday. so
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
on facebook, >>> a rare tornado rolled through new zealand's largest city. three people killed, 250 others or more had to be evacuated from homes. the tornado hit the suburb of auckland today, dozens of buildings destroyed and massive power outages. officials say this is it the deadliest tornado to hit the region in more than 60 years. >>> tonight police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a clerk at a motel in wood bridge, virginia. officers went to the econo-lodge again today being looking for sefdz. last night the police said the suspect called the motel clerk claiming to be locked out of his room. as the victim walked over to help, a masked man knocked her unconscious and assaulted her. last month a man was arrested for assaulting a cleaning woman at that hotel. >>> a gaithersburg family is worried that children might be in danger. they woke up this morning to find several of their sheep had been attacked and killed. vets believe it's the work of coyotes or wild dogs. >> i have a child myself, a 10 year old little girl, and we have so many kids in the surrounding area. they al
Dec 9, 2012 11:30pm EST
city of monterey before she boarded a private plane headed to central mexico. but the u.s. registered air craft wu craft carrying six others, never made it. after 3:00 a.m., the aircraft took off. ten minutes later the jet fell off the radar. news of rivera's death came is a a shock to the hispanic community. rivera, a multigrammy nominee was known for her mexican regional style. herself-titled album jenni hit the top of the billboard latin albums charts. and rivera made her mark in reality tv and next month was set to make her film debut. an extraordinary career that has now come to a tragic end. francis coe, nbc news. >> in the process of divorcing former nats pitcher. >>> president obama offering his condolences tonight to the family of a u.s. navy seal. defense officials tell nbc news, the seal was killed in the rescue of an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban. the doctor was kidnapped last week. special operations team, rescued him saturday. according to a defense official the seal was wounded during the mission and later died from his injuries. >>> take a look at intense wi
Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
network. covering 3,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. >> al: one final game afc playoff picture. the six teams are in, period. nobody is left in the hunt. the question becomes who gets the two byes. right now houston and denver, 1-2. obviously, if they both win next week, they stay 1-2. new england, though, has a chance if houston loses to vault past them because they won the head-to-head game. baltimore clenched the afc north. indianapolis and cincinnati are the wild cards. that's pretty simple. now in the nfc, it's a little different here. atlanta has clenched home field throughout. green bay moves into the second seat at the moment. if they win at minnesota next week, they remain second and get a bye. san francisco needs a win to clench the division and a green bay loss to get back to the second spot. washington/dallas winner next week wins the nfc east. dallas, if they lose, cannot get to the playoffs. washington still has a chance. seattle is already in. and minnesota can clench it with a win next week against green bay. there you have it are the teams minut
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
on that most unfortunate incident up in new york city. >>> what i can say about what's coming our way is necessarily all that unfortunate. it could be a lot worses right, doug? >> it could be a lot worse. for some of us, just what you want. got the weekend, a saturday, why not have a little bit of snow falling? for others of us you're looking, saying, this might be a good day to get stuff done indoors. most of us will see a mixture of rain rather than snow. let's take a look. show you how we're dealing with things outside right now. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies across the area. that's going to be the way things are the next couple hours. as clouds continue to thicken, they will continue to lower and by early tomorrow morning i think most areas will be seeing some snow and, yes, i do mean most areas will see that snow. even around d.c. and down toward the south. now, for the record today we saw a high of 45 degrees. 36 the low this morning. the winter weather advisory is in effect, but only for some of us. we'll get to that in just a second. first off, the numbers. 38 degrees n
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
, canine units and counterterrorism teams. the new york city police commissioner says tomorrow night, times square will be the safest place in the world. >>> much more on the redskins' win over the cowboys coming up. plus, are you looking for a little luck in the new year? we'll take you to one market that has a lot to offer. plus, 150 years since a proclamation that changed the course of american history. now that history is on display in the district. and honoring a fallen firefighter in upstate new york. how fellow first responders have helped out on a difficult weekend. ♪ >>> the sound of bagpipes filling the air in upstate new york as a volunteer firefighter was laid to rest. michael chiapperini was one of two firefighters killed in that ambush on christmas eve. the gunman set his house on fire and shot at the firefighters when they responded. first responders from across new york state volunteered for shifts in webster today so local authorities to go to that funeral. >>> we know the identity of the woman killed in a townhouse fire in green belt. officials say 86-year-old betty star
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8